Starting on a new path

My name is Katherine Moseley and I’ve known Annette for 18 years. I have been involved with projects on the internet in the past but never took my interest further. I have collaborated with Annette previously on different projects. I now have the opportunity to mentor with her so that I can come back to the digital world. This will begin with building and maintaining websites, and creating the social content that I would like to see out there.

There are great happenings out there in the digital world. Sometimes the negative side has a louder voice than the positive and it’s definitely a reason I pulled away from the internet in the past. I love the connections made through mutual interests. The links between humans that are only possible as a result of the digital world. I have made close friends this way and Annette is one of them.

My family used to live in Cornwall and, nearly three years ago, we relocated to Scotland. We now have a small croft that needs a lot of love and attention and I want to document this journey. My time with Annette will allow me to create a website myself and in a way that I want. I will blog about what we have done so far. I started this before and didn’t have the discipline or the belief in my skills to carry on. Mentoring with Annette means that I can work through this and learn the processes needed to be successful in what I want to do.

After that, I will work with others so that they not only have help, but feel empowered in the process of creating their online presence. I think that sharing ‘the how’ is important. 

I will be with Annette for the next three months – all digitally due to the distance between us. This, to me, sums up what digital communication can do. I look forward to learning much through working with Annette and creating the website for Burnside Croft.

Katherine Moseley

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