Guidance for your digital journey

I’ve been helping people since 2002 to find their path in digital transformation and to communicate in a way that is self explanatory and allows others to share the experience.

As a digital resident I‘d like to give you an understanding of the cultural transformation that is based on sharing knowledge, on meeting at the same level and on helping each other to progress.

The people I work with usually come from a cultural, social or consulting background. Most of them are authors and/or publishers too.

If you are interested in working with me

My motto

„It‘s all about people and conversations. 
Digital communication is what WE make of it.“

(Or as Johannes Korten said: The web is a good place if we make it so together.)

I show you how digital communication can bring together people from all over the world if you put your heart and soul in it and if you network in a sincere way.

I help you to use digital word of mouth in order to communicate about your subject in the best possible way and to get people interested in it.

This is how projects can come to life that otherwise would have never been possible.

I‘m offering guidance for

  • general digital communication concepts
  • websites with or without blog (using WordPress)
  • social media
  • visibility online

and I also mentor in the above areas.

I’m redacting/editing texts

  • print and online
  • fiction and nonfiction
  • during and after the writing process
  • working for publishers and authors

I‘m working with books

  • helping authors with their writing process
  • helping authors, publishers and other book people with their digital communication and visibility
  • translating books to German
  • bringing people together for projects that otherwise wouldn‘t have happened

How I work

Working with me is based on trusting and respecting each other, honest appreciation and meeting on the same level. For me it’s important to be interested in similar subjects and that we get along personally

I don‘t see myself as a service provider but as a guide and enabler, helping others to realise their projects by being in a dialogue with them. I‘m also open to joint projects.

Most people get much more out of working with me other than just the answer to their first request. During our work together, it is continually necessary for them to reflect on themselves and their subject from an outside perspective in order to be able to communicate about it with others. In doing so, many aspects about themselves and their subject become clear to them where they hadn’t been before. This is how they enter into a developing process where the constant exchange between us acts as a catalyst.

Depending on your budget we will find the best way for you to show your appreciation for my work. In selected cases I also offer my help pro bono. Apart from that I can charge my fees per hour, per day or in one lump sum. If we work together for longer periods of time, I can split payments monthly or into agreed installments.

With special thanks to Katherine Moseley for editing my translation